An Amazing Zero Balancing story:

I am so grateful for Lisa´s Zero Balancing treatments!  Lisa is a gifted therapist who listens carefully to what the patient says, and then she is alert to what she perceives from the patient´s body as she carries out her work. Her ZB treatments have relieved my problem and given me back a normal life!

After a freak accident in a dental chair that overextended my back, I began feeling very strong pressure encircling my ankles, as though my ankles were being compressed by a vice.  It was unbearable to stand or walk more than a few minutes, and I was unable to use my feet to drive.

Before I tried ZB, I had sought help from an orthopedic surgeon, a rheumatologist, neurologist, and a podiatrist without diagnosis and relief – aside from their all agreeing that my symptoms were probably caused by a problem in my spine.

I am 75 and like most older people have an arthritic spine, but am in good health otherwise.   A spinal cortisone shot did not relieve my symptoms.  My neurologist PA said my problem might be a case of nerve “cross-talk,” but little is known about that and they have no treatment to offer besides PT.   My Physical Therapist said she was unsure if the problem was in my feet or in my spine, so she taught me all she could for addressing either problem, and suggested I try acupuncture.  She had never heard of ZB.

I am indebted to my neighbor who recommended trying Lisa and Zero Balancing, because Lisa had really helped her husband.   I had never heard of ZB and I was astonished by it — very different from the usual massage treatments.   After the  ZB treatment, I feel my feet are once again in two-way communication with my legs!!   After Lisa´s first treatment, I felt so much better, and after several treatments, I began to drive again.

Our bones are alive, and are so much more than the structure on which the rest of our body hangs.  Asian medical systems have a greater appreciation for the body as a whole, and offer remedies that our Western medicine system cannot explain.  Western medical researchers focus on specific parts, which limits treatment options.  In an example relevant to my case,  researchers are just beginning to study osteo-immunology and the cross-talk between the immune system and the musculoskeletal system,.

Western doctors offer no therapy based on what has been learned about the cross-talk between those two systems so far, nor have they studied how those two systems´ interactions are related to other systems/the whole person.   But ZB is a therapy that works through  bone energies now.     Thank you, Lisa !!

– JBA, Chevy Chase, Maryland (2024)

Combinations that work:

Zero Balancing,  The Trager®Approach and Reiki

You really did whatever was necessary to move all that stuck, soggy energy out of my body and usher in the way I’m supposed to feel! It’s lovely to not wake up during the night and in the morning with even a shadow of headache, and to feel as if all that previous stuff is gone.

Once again, thank you so much! Oct 2023 (A.F. Client since 2017)

Zero Balancing and therapeutic cupping

” My heart was sinking as I listened to a prominent Washington physical therapist who was giving me advice on a flight back from Rome. “Oh, golfer’s elbow — that’s tough,” he said, as I pointed to my stiff right arm. It had been hurting for weeks, getting worse. “All you can really do is rest it. It can take six months to a year to heal.” I didn’t know how I got all this stiffness in my elbow, arm and shoulder, but it hurt to lift heavy things and even text on my phone. It hurt just to THINK about carrying a suitcase or playing tennis. I hadn’t seen Lisa Schumacher in about three years but decided to book an appointment while I was lying at the beach (this is proof that the best answers can come to you on vacation!). Lisa started with Zero Balancing. And then, as I showed her where the pain and stiffness were the worst, she brought out the suction cups. As she moved them around my shoulder, I could literally feel the pain being sucked out of my body. I have never felt anything like it. Up and down the arms, she pulled the pain out. By the next day, range of motion in my shoulder was 90% restored, and 85% of the pain was gone. After two more sessions — and only three weeks later — my arm is back to 100% of range of motion. There is no pain left. Now I can start to build strength back. I am compelled to say that the standard medical advice that “this is going to take 6 months to a year” or “you will always have this” shoulder pain, as some are told, is just not true.

A Finnish orthopedic surgeon told me that the US medical system bureaucracy prevents a lot of treatments that are working in Europe to be practiced here. European doctors think acupuncture, and the Zero Balancing and cupping that Lisa practices, work on the nervous system in ways outside western medical thinking, so it is not medically practiced. He said, “We don’t know why it works, but it’s proven,” the surgeon said. “We think it has something to do with signaling the nerves to allow the body to heal.” Western medicine doesn’t speak that language – yet.

Meanwhile, I feel like I have a brand new arm and shoulder, thanks to Lisa, in Tenleytown. I didn’t have to go to Europe to find her, but thanks to her, I’ll be packing my knapsack soon and ready for my next adventure!

Thanks a million, Lisa! Mille mille grazie! ” Beth S. – July 2019 (client since 2016)



Never too late

“I suspect that like many type A aging males, my level of skepticism regarding Lisa’s services was quite significant. After all, until I met her I had never even been the recipient of a basic massage. Candidly speaking, having Lisa as a friend and cohort in the Sergeant’s Fitness Program was the only reason I gave any credence to her notions concerning the efficacy and healing benefits of something as foreign to me as “Zero-Balancing”! Her passion and significant intelligence proved too daunting a combination to ignore and soon I was persuaded to give “ZB” a chance. At the time I was training to run in a marathon and along with the normal career pressures we all face I was pretty stressed. The session proved highly beneficial and frankly erased many of my doubts because of the immediate results I experienced. Since the time of my first exposure to ZB and therapeutic massage at Lisa’s capable hands I have become and will remain a loyal and consistent client and have strongly recommended her to many others.” — Stephen J. Niven, Jr.  (client since 2007)

Faster recovery

“I’ve been receiving a combination of  ZB and Massage from Lisa for over 10 years. During which she has helped me recover from lower back injuries to a bad motorcycle accident and most recently from a 3rd degree shoulder separation which the doctor thought I might very well need surgery. Not only did I not need surgery, but I had full recovery. Lisa is amazing!” — Stephanie  Fosburg  (client since 1996)

“Following a broadside auto collision that I was lucky to survive, Lisa’s weekly massages have helped restore and renew my very sore limbs and muscles.”  – Andrew Lluberes

Feel better


I cannot say enough great things about Lisa.  I had been suffering from sciatic nerve pain for more than a week and found Lisa through my sister who is a Licensed Massage Therapist in Wilmington, North Carolina (Hands In the Sand).  Lisa worked on the specific areas of pain as if she could read my body.  The Zero Balancing work she did was amazing.  The chronic pain I had endured left me physically, emotionally and spiritually drained.  Zero Balancing restored me in a way I hadn’t imagined possible.  I tried cupping for the first time and was super happy with the results.  It seemed to loosen my  muscles and I felt like I had better circulation.  I am grateful for Lisa in ways I cannot count.  While my pain is resolved, I continue to see Lisa to keep me centered in mind, body and spirit.  I highly recommend Lisa! (T. Romero, June 2017) 

“I have had many massages from different practitioners over the years. Lisa Schumacher is one of the most skilled in working with me and my needs for massage therapy. She brings knowledge of many different healing arts to the practice of massage and is good at intuiting and adjusting to what my muscles need and can accept to recover fully from whatever aches and pains I bring to her table. I highly recommend getting a massage from Lisa!” — Sam Francis (client since 1996)

Zero Balancing

Lisa is a wonderful bodywork practitioner and healer. I find her ZB sessions to be a soothing oasis. She is deeply committed to helping her clients receive what they need and can incorporate many modalities (different types of massage, ZB, even stretching techniques) into a session.   J.K.  Bethesda (client since 2010)

Lisa is a heads-up bodywork and wellness practitioner. The session I had with her addressed my whole person – body and mind; low-back pain and mental stress. I left feeling like I had more energy and less pain in my body. I would highly recommend you see her for a Zero Balancing session!  -  Kate C.  – 2012  (Zero Balancing Practitioner – Seattle, WA )

“I’ve been going to Lisa for more than a year for biweekly massage and more recently, for ZB sessions as well. She is very skilled with both – the massage sessions are very relaxing and the ZB sessions have made me feel so much more “realigned”.  Lisa has a natural intuition for where stress might be located and skillfully disperses it. I always feel more relaxed and energized after a session and heartily recommend Lisa to anyone needing bodywork of either kind.” – Melanie  Bourne (client since 2008)

“The knots in my neck and shoulders and the pain in my lower back were downright debilitating, making it hard to sleep, sit, and stand. After one ZB session and a terrific massage, the knots are untied and I feel rested and, finally, at peace with my body. I finally slept through the night, pain-free, and I will definitely go back to maintain this level of balance and clarity. Thank you, Lisa!”   – Kathleen Franklin (2009)

I have received ZB, reiki, chakra balancing, and massage therapy from Lisa for three years, and have been extremely impressed with her skills, professionalism, genuine desire to improve my health, and her guidance.  I do not hesitate to recommend Lisa to anyone interested in attaining their goals in body and emotional health, in stress prevention, and with specific needs.  Yes, Lisa is genuinely amazing!  Diane Ney (posted 2012)

Therapy for Therapists

Do you ever feel like getting an hour of bodywork that addresses it all:  that hits the reset button for your bones and muscles, your mind and nervous system, and maybe even tweaks your soul; your energy system?  That’s too much to expect, that’s crazy silly, in fact, right?  Go to Lisa Schumacher for a shift in your expectations.  I’ve been working with her for a few months.  She has a unique set of skills — zero balancing, massage cupping (which she has just about mastered with one course and a truckload of commitment/practice), and facial rejuvenation.  She’s good at all of them and she’s more, much more than the sum of those parts.  The ZB is mysterious because it really does treat both body and energy systems.  It’s simple and orderly… and it goes deep.  When I’m feeling depleted, it’s restorative.  When I’m wound up and wired, it soothingly grounds me.  Even a few minutes seems to reset my buttons.  With the massage cupping, Lisa has reduced an old and stubbornly unchanging scar on my shoulder from ugly to barely noticeable.  The massage cupping leg work makes you feel lighter, more mobile, as Anne Thiel said in a previous posting, and has the added benefit of slimming for those of us who need it.  Lisa is combining facial rejuvenation with massage cupping (miniature cups) on the face.  I’ve had it twice.  Both times I left and forgot all about it, and both times I met with friends who asked why I looked so radiant that day.

Most of all, it’s Lisa’s warmth and presence that I enjoy.  When I pass through the door of her office, I suddenly realize all the “stuff” I’ve been holding from my clients — their aches, their complaints, their demands and personality quirks.  I allow myself to feel all I’ve been holding because now that I’ve arrived, I can clear myself of all that — hit the reset button — without even talking about it or going over it in any specific way, just by receiving Lisa’s work. –  L.B.  Massage Therapist and Trager Practitioner ( posted July 2012)

An Amazing Experience

“Gifted”, that is Lisa Schumacher. “Intuitive”, that too. What happens when you put the two together? An amazing physical, spiritual and emotional experience. I have been an avid runner, skier, kayaker and climber for nearly 30 years. At 55 I feel fantastic!!!! The key for me has always been an investment in Massage Therapy.  I have experienced several modalities….from cranial sacral to deep tissue. On floors, tables and in a tub of water. Twice a month, it was my gift to myself to celebrate my wellness. Then, a friend introduced me to Lisa.

Upon meeting Lisa, I had a sense this woman is “special”.   Zero Balancing was new to me, but I was open to try it. The first moment I laid upon her table, I knew this would be more than just an ordinary experience. With  intent for my wellness, Lisa did her work. I laid there in awe as I felt years of trauma leave my body. The pain in my hip was gone. Now 3 weeks later, it has yet to reappear!! A miracle?  No. A gifted therapist, YES!!!!   Then I booked an appointment for a Massage. As I walked into her therapy room I keep looking at the massage table, eager to get on!! I have had literally hundreds of massages, most unmemorable. Lisa spent time on the parts of my body that needed attention(and expansion). Releasing the knots that plagued my neck and shoulders.  I leave Lisa’s office feeling lighter….healthier. Knowing that I am now in the hands of a “gifted” therapist!!!           Shoshanna Rabkin (2010)

The Domancic Method of BioEnergy Healing

Thank you, Lisa, for the incredible energy work! My neck is dramatically improved, and my pain greatly diminished. The most astonishing aspect to me is that the long distance energy work was as powerful as the in-person hands on healing. I have tried many healing modalities, from conventional to alternative, but none provided such an instantaneous and lasting result as your energy healing. Thank you seems inadequate! (2009)

D.B. Westchester County, NY

Massage Cupping™

I’ve been a bodyworker in private practice in DC for the last 22 years. I have experienced many practitioners and many modalities during that time. Lisa is a phenomenal practitioner. Her curiosity and wonder about the human body, its functions, and its ability to heal itself is boundless. She’s a dedicated student that explores and masters each modality that she adds to her repertoire of skills to meet her clients needs. I have experienced her massage, massage cupping, and Zero Balancing work. She practices each with presence and the intention to serve her clients best and highest good. And you can feel Reiki flowing through her hands as well!

After a very emotionally draining couple of weeks, I came to Lisa yesterday and requested a longer session to address my sheer exhaustion. She had the flexibility and willingness to do so for which I was truly grateful. I experienced massage cupping for the first time and LOVED it! I arose from the table resurrected, relaxed yet energized. I awoke this morning from a deep and restful sleep, my joints fluid and energized, and my disposition was of contentment.

I highly recommend Lisa’s work. You’ll be happy you made the call. (L. Sarmiento-  June 2014 review)


Facial Rejuvenation

Lisa Schumacher gives treatments like an angel! She is so intuitive. Her gentle and healing nature is amazing. I had a facial rejuvenation session and my entire body relaxed! When I looked in the mirror, I was surprised to see many of the lines had disappeared. When I went home, everyone was remarking how great I looked. Can’t wait for my next treatment.  Meg Lupin

My facial rejuvenation sessions with Lisa have been remarkable. After each session I felt more relaxed, energized and my face looked it – the furrow between my brow was gone and my skin looked brighter. Pretty amazing, for a one-hour session! I’m sold.    -MB

I have received 3 Facial Rejuvenation sessions thus far and I am thrilled with the results.  The sessions were incredibly relaxing and I feel that my face looks more relaxed and brighter.  I look forward to continuing my work with Lisa.   -Carole Forman

Lisa brings enthusiasm, focus and a caring touch to this powerful work.The facial rejuvenation reaches beyond the beauty of your face to the depths of your soul, helping to release all that blocks the inner beauty.  People that have known me for years are now commenting on how great I look.Thank you, Lisa!         -Sandi Athey  Professional Intuitive

The Facial Rejuvenation work is unlike any other “facial” work I have received.  The sensation of the touch is delicate, like a more traditional facial, but the energetic touch is much deeper.  The skin and musculature are not manipulated much at all, but I feel inner work happening when Lisa’s hands move about my face, head, neck and shoulders.  I feel beautiful, loving intentions coming through Lisa’s hands into my own body and awareness.  For me, these intentions are what makes this Facial Rejuvenation work so profound.

I definitely see differences in my physical appearance.  I look and feel brighter, uplifted.  Several people who have not seen me recently have said, ”You look great! What are you doing?”

This work draws out of one what is always inside each of us, our inner perfection, radiance and beauty.  The more we embody it, the more it shows in our face.  How great is that!  It is a wonderful, beautiful and subtle thing.

I am grateful to Lisa for her work.  I see and feel deep, positive changes within myself and I will continue with the work…becoming more beautiful with age   -     Julie M. Saunders

My experience of the Facial Rejuvenation work I have received from Lisa Schumacher has been profound physically, emotionally and spiritually. After my first session (I’ve received four), I felt so much lighter, relaxed and was amazed at the changes in my skin tone. With each session, the shape of my face, the circles under my eyes and creases that had begun to form are all rearranging themselves. Looking at the pictures Lisa took, one before the first session and one after my last session, the changes are amazing. Overall, held tension and sun spots are disappearing, everything looks lifted and younger.

Lisa brings such integrity and open-heartedness to this work which is so important. For I feel that our faces are a reflection of what and how we feel inside ~ in our hearts and spirits. It is clear that this work is operating at this level and I feel Lisa creates and holds a beautifully sacred space as she does this work. It is an experience that I recommend to anyone ~ if all of us experienced this, the world would be a better place.      -Melinda Paul